Zeke Vanderpool

My name is Zeke Vanderpool and I am a U.S. Army Veteran,

songwriter and musician.

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I retired from military service in 2013, after 23 years in Army Special Operations.

Since that time I have had the privilege to work with our awesome Veterans, sharing my music and providing support whenever I can.

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what "my red, white and blue" is all about...

Due to the amazing feedback and encouragement that I have received, I created this website to provide a venue where people can access my music and story. Through that process, I hope to:

  • Acknowledge the incredible sacrifice and service that our soldiers, Veterans and their families have given

  • Celebrate their amazing character and capabilities

  • Provide support and options for those that are struggling

  • Grow and expand my capability and outreach to the United States' soldier and Veteran community

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I draw on my experience overseas and my love and respect for the true heroes I have been blessed to know and serve with.



I also carry a deep respect for the service members who continue to protect this great Country and those who, having completed their service, are now faced with the challenging task of reintegrating into the civilian sector.

I have walked that road. I am familiar with many of the pitfalls and hurdles that our soldiers face in the wake of their service. 


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The challenges that our service members and Veterans face and character that they display are the driving force behind my music. Whenever I am lucky enough to play a venue for service members and Veterans, I am always humbled by their response.

I recently had a Vietnam Veteran tell me with tears in his eyes after hearing a song that I wrote, "Man, I've lived your song". That connection is beyond words for me. I am honored to be able to carry the story forward, and I will support our service members and Veterans in any way I can. 


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